The Best Boxing Gloves (2024): Expert Picks

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best boxing gloves for your specific needs and share our top picks for 2024. Comfort and safety are prioritized!

Let’s dive in and equip you with the knowledge to make the best boxing glove choice.

Selecting the right gloves is crucial for optimal training and safety. While boxing gloves may appear similar there are definitely differences like the brand, padding, fit, size, breathability and much more.

Using the wrong boxing gloves can even be dangerous. Properly fitting gloves with adequate padding reduce the risk of hand injuries and enhance your punching technique. They also ensure the safety of your sparring partners.

To ensure you make an informed decision and enjoy a fulfilling boxing experience, we’ve created a list of the best boxing gloves.

Our Choices for the Best Boxing Gloves in 2024

1. Best Overall Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves

Best Overall Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3


  • Wide range of sizes
  • Secure and adjustable dual-X closure
  • Advanced foam composition
  • Ergonomic thumb positioning
  • Ventilation holes


  • Higher price range
  • Slightly longer break-in period

The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves are truly impressive! These gloves are built to last and offer exceptional performance. The quality materials and craftsmanship are outstanding, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. When you put them on you’ll feel ready to take on any opponent in the ring, but it could feel a little bit tight and stiff in the beginning.

The secure fit and excellent wrist support provide stability during training or sparring sessions. Whether you’re pounding the heavy bag or going toe-to-toe with an opponent, the Hayabusa T3 gloves offer a perfect blend of comfort and protection. They are highly regarded among serious fighters who value top-notch gear. Trust me, these gloves are the real deal.

2. Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves


  • Great beginners gloves
  • Seamless fabric on the surface of the gloves
  • Snug hand fit because of the inner fit and wrist strap fit design
  • Extremely comfortable when used with wraps
  • Provides a painless training experience


  • Don’t stack up to the more expensive gloves in comfort and durability
  • Synthetic leather might feel plasticy
  • Thumb area is quite small (should be no problem if your hands are small/medium)

The Venum Elite boxing gloves are a solid choice for beginners. They excel in providing hand protection and are suitable for various types of training, including heavy bag work and sparring. The impressive shock resistance of the gloves gives a real feeling of comfort and safe wrists, allowing you to make combinations without worrying about potential injuries.

However, individuals with larger hands may find the thumb area to be slightly small compared to other Venum models. If you’re considering purchasing these gloves, opting for a 16oz size could provide a better fit. Overall, the Venum Elite gloves deliver on their promise of performance and safety and are therefore the best boxing gloves for beginners.

3. Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring

best boxing gloves for sparring

Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves


  • Manufactured with strict quality control
  • Goatskin leather for durability
  • Water-repellent lining for comfort
  • Attached thumb for safety
  • 2 inches latex foam padding
  • Full hook & loop closure


  • On the higher price end
  • Definitely a break in period

If you’re a dedicated boxer, consistently show up to your boxing trainings (minimum 3 times per week), spar a lot and serious about your boxing or martial arts journey, consider the Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop training gloves as your go-to choice.

These gloves offer exceptional hand and wrist protection, making them ideal for especially sparring but beginners as well. With these gloves you just know you’re equipped with top-notch gear.

If you don’t want to compromise on quality and durability, the Cleto Reyes gloves which ensure your sparring sessions are supported by reliable and long-lasting equipment. Invest in boxing gloves that will keep your wrists and knuckles safe.

This is our 100% our favorite pair of boxing gloves!

4. Best Boxing Gloves for Women

best boxing gloves for women

Best Boxing Gloves for Women

Sanabul Easter Egg Gloves


  • Specially made for women
  • Narrow wrist and inside compartment
  • Stylish design
  • Sanabul has 40.000+ five star reviews


  • Does not match the quality standards of higher-end gloves

Women often find themselves overlooked when it comes to combat sports gear, but Sanabul is determined to change that narrative. They have introduced the Easter Egg women’s boxing gloves, specifically tailored for those with smaller hands.

These boxing gloves address the common issue of regular gloves being too bulky for women. Sanabul’s design features a sleek contour and a narrow shape on the wrist, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The knuckles are provided with sufficient padding, making them well-suited for sparring and heavy bag workouts.

These gloves provide quality without compromising affordability, empowering women to train with gear that is both reliable and suitable for their needs.

5. Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag

hit N move all day boxing gloves

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag

Hit N Move All Day Pro Agility


  • Made with high-quality cowhide leather
  • Superior knuckle protection due to special padding technology
  • Amazing wrist support
  • Excellent choice for especially heavy bag


  • High quality means a high price

For heavy bag training, exceptional wrist support is a must. These boxing gloves deliver exactly that. With two layers of padding underneath and a thick piece on the top of the wrist they form a secure brace that ensures your safety throughout your training sessions.

When it comes to materials, the Hit N Move All Day Balance gloves is made from top-notch, cowhide leather that’s built to withstand the test of time even under the most powerful punches. From the lining to the stitching, every aspect of these gloves exudes premium quality.

The Hit N Move All Day Pro Agility gloves prove to be a worthwhile investment, especially when it comes to boxing equipment. Yes, it is expensive, but in our eyes worth it (if you do show up to your boxing sessions consistently for over a couple months now). Their craftsmanship and unmatched feel have earned them the title of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training.

6. Best Muay Thai Gloves

best muay thai gloves

Best Muay Thai Gloves

Yokkao Matrix Gloves


  • Super comfortable fit
  • Provides excellent protection, making it one of the most protective gloves available
  • Well-designed curvature allows you giving shots from many different angles
  • Yokkao is one of the best Mauy Thai brands


  • The 16oz gloves may feel initially big but become more comfortable after a few sessions of breaking them in
  • A bit more expensive than Top King and Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves

The Yokkao Matrix Muay Thai Gloves are crafted from high-quality leather, ensuring long-lasting durability. These gloves feature double-stitched seams that reinforce their strength and withstand heavy training sessions.

With their snug fit and comfortable padding, the Yokkao Matrix gloves offer excellent hand protection and wrist support. They are designed to enhance your performance in hitting pads and sparring. Definitely on our number one spot of the best Muay Thai gloves!

These are – in our opinion – the best Muay Thai gloves on the market right now.

Final Words

In conclusion, choosing the right boxing gloves is crucial for your training and performance. The best boxing gloves provide superior protection, comfort, and durability, allowing you to unleash your full potential in the ring.

Invest in quality gloves that suit your needs and level of experience to enhance your boxing journey.

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