quick vs traditional boxing hand wraps

Quick vs Traditional Boxing Hand Wraps

Wearing boxing hand wraps – either quick or traditional ones – is an absolute must. Every boxer uses boxing hand wraps. No discussion.

Now you know that you need to own a pair, the next question is:

Quick vs traditional boxing hand wraps, which one is better?

In this article, we will answer this question so that you can make the best choice when buying boxing hand wraps!

Why Use Boxing Hand Wraps?

Boxing hand wraps were used even before boxing gloves even existed! They were made of treated animal hide (not very comfortable), but they serve the same purpose as modern boxing hand wraps.

Boxing hand wraps have three purposes:

  1. They support your wrists and fists to prevent joint and bone injuries while punching
  2. They add cushion to the smaller bones in your hands, shielding them from the impact of powerful punches
  3. They cover the striking surface, minimizing scratches and scuffs on the skin

Should I Get Quick Or Traditional Hand Wraps?

Quick Hand Wraps

Quick hand wraps are easy to slip on and secured with a wrist strap. Just as you can see on the image below:


  • Can be put on in a minute
  • Protects every part of your hand that needs cover


  • Wrists can bend more easily
  • Shifting or rubbing may occur in the hand/finger area if the wrap is too large
  • Fixed-place padding cannot be repositioned to prioritize a specific area

Perfect when you’re in a hurry and need decent overall protection for your hands.

Traditional Hand Wraps

Traditional hand wraps are long, narrow strips of fabric, typically made of cotton or a blend of materials, designed to be wrapped securely around a boxer’s hands, wrists, and fingers as you can see below.


  • Excellent wrist protection
  • Various wrapping styles enable you to focus on specific areas, such as providing additional wrist support or adding thickness to the knuckles.
  • Wrapping before training gets you in the right mindset


  • Learning to use it is a process and takes time
  • Loses effectiveness if done incorrectly
  • If it loosens you may need to redo the wrapping

Perfect when you have time and prioritize wrist and hand safety.

Quick vs Traditional Boxing Hand Wraps: The Winner

In our eyes, there’s only one clear winner: traditional boxing hand wraps. Why? Because the safety of your hands should always be prioritized over comfort, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boxer.

While using quick boxing hand wraps for convenience occasionally is not a shame, don’t make it a habit, tempting as it may be.

In my case, when I switched from quick wraps to traditional ones, the number of wrist injuries significantly decreased. So choose wisely and invest some time in learning to wrap your hands the traditional way!

Oh, and don’t forget to prioritize safety in your boxing gloves as well. To see our expert picks boxing gloves, check out this article.

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