Welcome to Awad Fight World

Get to Know Me

Hello fighters! My name is Awad, and I am glad to welcome you to Awad Fight World. This blog is my passion project, dedicated to sharing my experience and knowledge in boxing. My goal is simple: to help you become a better boxer by providing you with valuable insights, reviews of the best boxing gear and much more.

Why I Started Awad Fight World

The inspiration behind starting this blog stemmed from my love for boxing. When I was 15 years old, I started kickboxing with a couple of friends. After quitting for a while, I started to expand my skillset by starting boxing and kickboxing (again) at the age of 20. The desire to share the knowledge and experience gained forms the very foundation of Awad Fight World.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Awad Fight World. I hope that you find inspiration, knowledge and motivation within these reviews, how to’s and tips. Whether you’re an experienced boxer or just beginning your boxing journey, this blog is for you. Me and my team are committed to providing valuable information creating a community where boxers like you can come together, learn from one another, and grow!