how to hit solar plexus

Knockout Guide: How to Hit the Solar Plexus?

Looking to add another devastating weapon to your boxing arsenal? Mastering the art of hitting the solar plexus could be just what you need.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about targeting this vulnerable spot on your opponent’s body.

Understanding the Solar Plexus

Before we dive into the technique, let’s talk about what exactly the solar plexus is and why it’s such a prime target in boxing.

Located in the upper abdomen, just below the sternum, the solar plexus is a cluster of nerves that plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s autonomic nervous system.

A well-placed strike to this area can cause excruciating pain, disrupt the opponent’s breathing, and even lead to a knockout if delivered with enough force.

how to hit the solar plexus

Mastering the Technique

Now that you understand the vulnerability of targeting the solar plexus, let’s discuss how to do it effectively.

When the opportunity presents itself, use your lead hand to set up the shot by feinting or jabbing to keep your opponent’s guard occupied. Once you’ve created an opening, pivot your body slightly to generate power, then drive your rear hand straight into the solar plexus with a quick, explosive motion.

Aim to make contact with the knuckles of your fist, focusing on the center of the opponent’s torso for maximum impact.

Follow-Up and Defense

After landing a solid shot to the solar plexus, don’t let up on the pressure. Follow through with additional punches to capitalize on your opponent’s vulnerability and keep them on the defensive.

However, remain mindful of potential counterattacks, as leaving yourself exposed after an offensive move can leave you susceptible to retaliation. Stay alert, maintain your defensive posture, and be prepared to evade or block any incoming strikes.

Training Tips

To truly master the art of hitting the solar plexus, consistent practice is key. Incorporate drills into your training regimen that focus on accuracy, speed, and timing when delivering strikes to this target area.

Shadowboxing, heavy bag work, and partner drills can all help you refine your technique and develop the muscle memory needed to execute the move with precision during live sparring or competition.


With the knowledge and techniques outlined in this guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a knockout artist in the ring. Remember to approach training with dedication and discipline, and don’t be afraid to seek feedback from coaches or more experienced fighters to further refine your skills.

By mastering the art of hitting the solar plexus, you’ll have another powerful tool at your disposal to dominate your opponents and achieve victory in the ring.

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