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9 Tips To Become a Much Better Boxer

In this article, we’ll share the best boxing tips and tricks to help you become a better boxer. Whether you’re an advanced boxer or just started out, these techniques can make a significant difference.

1. Master The Fundamentals (!)

First and foremost, focus on mastering the fundamentals of boxing before diving into more advanced techniques. Solid footwork, proper stance, effective punches, and defensive skills are the building blocks of your boxing foundation. Develop a strong command over the basics and continuously refine your technique.

When I started boxing, I thought I was Mike Tyson. As a 6’1 feet (1.86 cm) it was probably not the best idea to try to peek-a-boo liver punch uppercut my opponent in my first sparring session. Don’t make the same mistake. Focus on the fundamentals.

2. Technical Sparring Sessions

Consider incorporating technical sparring sessions. These sessions allow you to work on specific skills or combinations in a controlled environment. By focusing on learning and technique rather than going all out, you can fine-tune your movements and improve your defensive abilities.

Only spar with someone when you trust he or she will have the same sparring goal as you: improving technique. There’s nothing wrong with hard sparring sessions now and then, but if technique is your focus, don’t do it.

3. Get Rid Of Your Ego

Which brings us to the next tip: don’t let your ego take the upper hand. Remember, the purpose of sparring is (mostly) not about winning or losing but about learning and improving your skills.

Stay focused on the techniques you want to work on, experiment with different strategies (after mastering the fundamentals), and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Embrace the learning process and use sparring sessions as an opportunity to grow as a boxer.

And for the advanced ones reading this, don’t get too frustrated when the new guy slips a jab through your guard. I’m guilty too by the way.

As I think this is a crucial boxing tip, this article will help you realize the importance of leaving your ego at the door more.

4. Become a Jab Expert

Speaking of jabs, it’s the most frequently used punch in boxing and serves multiple purposes. It allows you to measure the distance between you and your opponent, keeping them at bay while you assess their movements and openings.

Additionally, a well-executed jab can create openings for other punches and apply pressure on your opponent. Practice and perfect your jab to enhance your overall boxing skills.

Floyd Mayweather’s jab for example is out of this world.

5. Practice Breathing

Many boxers forget about proper breathing techniques in the heat of the moment, which can lead to early fatigue. Keep breathing in and out.

Staying relaxed when you’re not throwing punches and exhaling with each strike is essential. This not only conserves energy but also increases your punching speed and power.

6. Film Yourself

One highly effective technique is to record your sparring sessions and review them afterward. Analyze your performance, paying attention to areas where you struggle or make mistakes. This allows you to identify weaknesses and focus on improving them during bag work or training sessions.

If possible, let a more experienced boxer analyze your video and ask them for feedback.

7. Shadow Box

Never underestimate the power of shadow boxing. It is a valuable training tool that allows you to work on your technique, footwork, and overall movement without the need for a partner or equipment.

Shadow boxing helps improve your coordination, rhythm, and visualization of your punches, making it an essential part of your training regimen.

8. Invest in Quality Boxing Gear

Investing in high-quality boxing gear is crucial for your safety and performance. Good boxing gloves, headgear, mouthguards, and other protective equipment can provide the necessary support and protection during training and sparring sessions.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your gear as it can significantly impact your overall boxing experience and can even lead to injuries.

Looking for the best boxing gloves? Check the list here. Already have a pair? Then here is the list of the best boxing headgear.

9. Show Respect

Show respect to your trainers, sparring partners, and fellow boxers. Boxing is a discipline that requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Treat everyone with respect, regardless of their skill level or experience.

Respect fosters a positive training environment, promotes healthy competition, and encourages mutual growth and learning.

Final Words

By implementing these 9 best boxing tips, you’ll be able to enhance your boxing performance and overcome common challenges in the ring. Remember that boxing is a journey. With consistent practice, the right mindset, and a willingness to learn, you’ll continue to improve. Keep pushing yourself, stay dedicated, and enjoy the rewarding journey of boxing.

Thank you for making it through the end. Let us know if you have more boxing tips!

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