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The Best Boxing Gloves Brands Used By Professionals

We all wonder sometimes:

“What boxing gloves brand does [this boxer] use?”

Generally, professional boxers often (if not always) have multiple boxing gloves from different boxing brands. And what they wear in training is different from what they wear during a fight.

To make it even more complicated, they sometimes have contracts with boxing brands to only use their boxing gloves.

Also, with the multitude of boxing gloves brands available, it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why most boxers just follow the pros’ choices.

To help you choose the best boxing gloves, I researched what boxing gloves brands the best boxers of all time use. Check it out below!

Canelo Alvarez

Canelo has been seen wearing “No Boxing No Life” gloves in his recent fights. He used to be sponsored by Everlast and has also worn Winning and Grant gloves in the past.

Source: Diario AS

Mike Tyson

During Tyson’s prime, he often wore classic red Everlast boxing gloves. Towards the end of his career, he switched to Cleto Reyes gloves.

Source: ABC News

Gervonta Davis

Davis has worn Grant, “No Boxing No Life,” and Winning gloves during his career. He often uses Winning gloves for training and Canelo’s “No Boxing No Life” brand for fights.

Source: Muscle and Fitness

Terence Crawford

Crawford mainly used Everlast gloves for most of his career, including Powerlock and MX gloves, as well as the Elite Pro Fight Gloves.

Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao used Winning Gloves for training but preferred the Mexican Cleto Reyes Gloves on fight nights due to their puncher’s reputation.

Ryan Garcia

Garcia has been seen using Everlast, “No Boxing No Life” and Grant gloves. His choice appears to have been high-end Grant gloves in recent times.

Tyson Fury

Fury has primarily used Everlast gloves but recently switched to the German brand Paffen Gloves for both training and fights.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Mayweather had hand problems during his career, so he often trained with Winning Gloves for maximum protection. Grant gloves were his choice for actual fights.

Credits: Muscle and Fitness

Muhammad Ali

Ali used 8 oz Everlast boxing gloves during the ’60s and ’70s, but he also wore Cleto Reyes gloves in later fights.

Credits: Sports Illustrated

Gennady Golovkin

Triple G fights in Grant Gloves, known for their quality. For training, he often opts for Custom Japanese Winning Gloves with GGG.

Errol Spence

Spence has been frequently spotted with Everlast’s Powerlock gloves for training. He has also used Winning gloves in some training sessions.

Oleksandr Usyk

Usyk primarily used Rival RFX-Guerrero Boxing Gloves. He’s also been seen with Cleto Reyes and Paffen boxing gloves in some instances.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Lomachenko initially used Rival gloves but later signed with Venum, wearing their gloves for training and fights.

Credits: Yahoo Sports

Naoya Inoue

Inoue is known for wearing Winning boxing gloves, but he has used Grant and Cleto Reyes gloves for certain fights.

Credits: Jiji Press

The “Best” Boxing Gloves Brands

Looking at the list, the best boxing gloves brands that are used the most by professional boxers are:

  1. Everlast
  2. Grant
  3. Cleto Reyes
  4. Winning

There are a few things to consider, though. First of all, most of the boxing gloves used by professionals, as mentioned above are custom made! Secondly, sometimes they’re not allowed to use other boxing brands because of brand deals.

Therefore, just use this list as an indication. If you want to see a more objective list of the best boxing gloves for the general, amateur boxer (so no custom made, brand deal influenced pairs), check out this list I made.

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